List of the keyboard shortcuts for Word 2000

Format Paragraphs: Single-space lines CTRL+1
Double-space lines CTRL+2
Set 1.5-line spacing CTRL+5
Add one-line spacing preceding a paragraph CTRL+0 (zero)
Remove one-line spacing preceding a paragraph CTRL+0 (zero)

Center a paragraph CTRL+E
Justify a paragraph CTRL+J
Left-align a paragraph CTRL+L
Right-align a paragraph CTRL+R
Indent a paragraph from the left CTRL+M
Remove a paragraph indent from the left CTRL+SHIFT+M
Create a hanging indent CTRL+T
Reduce a hanging indent CTRL+SHIFT+T
Remove paragraph formatting CTRL+Q

Apply a style CTRL+SHIFT+S
Start AutoFormat ALT+CTRL+K
Apply the Normal style CTRL+SHIFT+N
Apply the Heading 1 style ALT+CTRL+1
Apply the Heading 2 style ALT+CTRL+2
Apply the Heading 3 style ALT+CTRL+3
Apply the List style CTRL+SHIFT+L