List of the keyboard shortcuts for Word 2000

Keys for Editing and Moving Text and Graphics
Delete Text and Graphics:
Delete one character to the left BACKSPACE
Delete one word to the left CTRL+BACKSPACE
Delete one character to the right DELETE
Delete one word to the right CTRL+DELETE
Cut selected text to the Clipboard CTRL+X
Undo the last action CTRL+Z
Cut to the Spike CTRL+F3

Copy and Move Text and Graphics:
Copy text or graphics CTRL+C
Display the Clipboard CTRL+C, CTRL+C
Move text or graphics F2 (then move the
insertion point and
press ENTER)
Create AutoText ALT+F3
Paste the Clipboard contents CTRL+V
Paste the Spike contents CTRL+SHIFT+F3
Copy the header or footer used in the
previous section of the document ALT+SHIFT+R