1. Photograph of the four Shiva temples.
2.Photograph of the four Shiva temples inside the main temple complex(1890 CE).
Religious and socio-cultural activities
Dhakeshwari Temple is a hub of socio-cultural as well as religious activity. Each year, the largest celebration of Durga Puja (the most important event in the Bengali Hindu calendar) in Dhaka is held at the National Temple, and a stream of dignitaries (such as the Bangladeshi President, Prime Minister, Leader of Opposition, Members of Parliament and media celebrities) come to felicitate the Bangladeshi Hindu community from the temple premises. Several thousand worshippers and onlookers (including Muslims) stream through the premises where they are offered prasad (food - usually rice and lentils). A Bijaya Sammelani (cultural program following Durga Puja) takes place in the adjoining parade ground a few days after Durga Puja is complete, and is also a major cultural event in the Dhaka calendar, regularly attracting some of the top performers from the Dhaka music and film industry.
One of the most important events of the year is the Janmashthami procession which starts from Dhakeshwari temple and then proceeds through the streets of Old Dhaka; this occurs on the day of the Lord Krishna's birthday, which is also a national holiday in Bangladesh and second only to Durga Puja in importance in the Bengali Hindu calendar. The procession dates back to 1902 but was stopped in 1948 following the establishment of Pakistan and communal disturbances in Dhaka. The procession was resumed in 1989.
Concerts and charity drives (such as flood relief) are also a regular fixture within the temple throughout the year. Each year, Dhakeshwari Temple hosts major blood drives and inoculation programs which are open to all residents of Dhaka city.

Dhakeshwari Mondir

The origin of the Dhakeshwari temple is obscure. According to popular legend, the original temple was built in 12th century by Ballal Sen, a king of the Sena dynasty, and the name of the city was coined after this temple but has its origins during the Gupta when ruled most of Bengal[1]. But the researchers found that the style of architecture of the temple cannot be dated to that period. The temple complex has undergone repairs, renovation and rebuilding in its long years of existence and its present condition does not clearly show any of its original architectural characteristics. Nevertheless, it is considered an essential part of Dhaka's cultural heritage.

The Shaheed Minar

The Shaheed Minar, which commemorates the Language Movement, is a well known signpost in Bangladesh.

Location of Kendrio Shaheed Minar:

Near Dhaka Medical College Hospital,

Dhaka University Area,

Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Introduce with my Dhaka City at a Glance
The most important sights are the Lalbagh Fort, the Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban (National Assembly Building), the Baitul Mukkaram Mosque and the National Gardens, not to mention the many markets in town which absolutely deserve a visit tool.

Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban, the Parliament of Bangladesh

Location: Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban Area,

Manik Miah Avenue,

(Surrounded by Manik miah avenue, Moni puri para,

Bijoy Saroni, Zia Uddan, Mirpur road.)

Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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