Using Banglalink is totally unsafe for people’s life and security of Bangladesh.

Banglalink user’s comment

(The subscriber of Banglalink)

I am a user of Banglalink mobile phone, a cell phone company in Bangladesh. If you have a connection of Banglalink or using banglalink sim card for call your relatives, family, friend and other organizations like police, fire-service, and ambulance, your doctor, hospital or any other for urgent need, you may have to face a problem making calls. Its Network System is very weak. They do not maintain privacy or it is unsecured as anybody like terrorists can get information about you from Banglalink of Sheba World Telecom Bangladesh Limited (Ltd.) as excess to your phone is easy. So, some people believe that using Grameen Phone is more safe and easy, although, they have trouble in the most important times like as, when any great occurrence happen e.g. International Trade Fair, Pohela Boishakh, Eid-Day, Victory-Day, New Year etc. and also at any dangerous time, such as grenade attack on Shekh Hasina (daughter of Father of The Nation Shekh Mujibur Rahaman) at 21st August, and when declared 144 or emergency in Bangladesh.

At the time of make an urgent Phone Call, using banglalink is risky. Because, their system’s capacity is low. You can prefer GP for your safety.