Atia Jam-e Mosque

Four-century-old Atia Mosque

The 400-year-old Atia Jam-e Mosque in Delduar upazila of Tangail, built in the early 17th century. The walls of the mosque with terracotta plaques, bearing intricate patterns. According to officials of Department of Archaeology and local historians, the Zamindar of Atia, Syed Khan Panni, had the mosque built on the bank of Louhaganj River by the best masons and artisans of the time (1609). Panni received Atia Pargana from the Mughal Emperor Jahangir as a gift in the beginning of the 17th century.
The mosque is situated next to the shrine of Hazrat Shahan Shah, who came to Atia from Kashmir in 913 Hijri along with his 39 followers to preach Islam in the region. Their graves are near the mosque.
The mosque was badly damaged in the devastating earthquake of 1800.
Later, Rowshan Khatoon Chowdhurani, a female merchant from Delhi, restored the damaged mosque in 1837. The Zamindar of Delduar, Abu Ahmed Guznavi Khan, together with Wajed Ali Khan Pannee and other zamindars of Atia repaired it again in 1909.