52,500 get GPA-5 S.S.C. RESULT-2008

52,500 get GPA-5
The number of GPA-5 holders in the SSC examinations has risen sharply
by 37.81 per cent compared to that of the previous year.
A total of 52,500 candidates of SSC and its equivalent examinations
under nine education boards secured GPA-5 this year, while the number
was 32,646 last year.
This year, 41,917 students secured GPA-5 under seven education boards
while the figure was 25,732 last year.
The number of GPA-5 achievers stands at 18,936 in Dhaka Board, 8,656 in
Rajshahi Board, 3,679 in Comilla Board, 4,079 in Jessore Board, 4,316
in Chittagong Board, 1,659 in Barisal Board and 592 in Sylhet Board.
The number of GPA-5 holders increased in all education boards except
Sylhet Board.
The number of GPA-5 achievers rose by 61.36 per cent in Barisal Board,
50.15 per cent in Dhaka Board, 20.17 per cent in Rajshahi Board, 35.11
per cent in Comilla Board, 42.90 per cent in Jessore Board and 23.23
per cent in Chittagong Board. But the number of GPA-5 holders fell by
16.97 per cent in Sylhet board.
In Madrasa Board, 10,526 students secured GPA-5 this year while in
Technical Education Board only 57 students got GPA-5. Last year, 6,889
madrasa students obtained GPA-5 while only 25 students under the
Technical Education Board attained GPA-5.