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A new Bangladesh
M A Quader, Dhaka

In 1971, a new country was created and in the past 36 years its people have struggled to build a prosperous society.

With so much uncertainly, its people, from all walks of life, dispersed around the world. In early 2007, a change took place and now it is time for everyone to come home. It is now time for Bangladesh to take its place on the world stage.

The government is headed by Chief Adviser Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed. His associates and heads of various government organisations have committed themselves to bringing about positive changes. These individuals are working to improve the environment, the educational system and other social programmes.

After 16 months of their continuous hard work, the government has effected visible changes in the way Bangladesh is run. These changes, promoted aggressively, have produced the desired results.

In all emerging countries, corruption has always proved to be a stumbling block to prosperity. This situation is changing in Bangladesh. There is a renewed hope among the ordinary citizens. There is a sense of a re-energized Bangladesh, poised to become a new 'Asian Tiger.'

It is my considered opinion that there are lots of people wanting to and waiting to invest money in Bangladesh but they are holding themselves back until a better business environment is created. That time has arrived.

To their credit, the present government has attempted to address the issue of maximizing food production in response to the food shortages that are occurring in Bangladesh, and around the world. We must encourage the government.

Bangladesh can succeed if it follows the path of strong and efficient operating management and fiscal efficiency while continuing to support the policies that have been implemented. With these measures in place, Bangladesh can take its place on the world stage as the newest 'Asian Tiger'.