M.C. College, Sylhet

Murari Chand College, Sylhet

Murari Chand College (usually referred as M C College) is a college Under Bangladesh National University, was the first college of Sylhet. It was established in 1892. It has been playing important role in the educational, cultural, political sphere of greater Sylhet.
M C College was established in 1892 by a local noble person called Raja Girish Chandra Roy. The college was named after his maternal grandfather Murari Chand. It was located beside the present Raja G C School. At the beginning it was a proprietary college. Raja himself used to fund the expenses of the college. From 1892 to 1908 (16 years) until the death of the Raja it remained proprietary.
But in 1908 right after the death of the Raja the college had to apply for government help. Then it become an 'aided' college. For four years it remained 'aided'.
In 1912 the college become fully government administered and was considered as an affiliated college of the University of Calcutta.
In 1925 the college moved to its current campus at Thackarey Hills (now Tilagarh).
In 1942 the Golden Jubilee of the college was observed by the publishing of the Murari Chand College Golden Jubilee Volume.
There are two individual hostels for boys and girls which provide accommodation for the students from distant places.The boys hostel consists of six blocks.

MC College,
Sylhet, Bangladesh.